ERC20 token designed to be a utility

ProExchangers is a platform where people can go to get their opinions and give their opinions on Crypto Exchanges.ProExchangers has designed a website where traders and investors can make honest reviews about crypto exchanges and provide their feedback on any exchanges where people can honestly make wise decisions about which exchanges are best to trade. Users can easily find honest opinions about website feedback regarding available exchanges. The fake volume issue displayed by some exchanges creates a big risk for users. This is misleading and can make users lose funds in trading. Bursa will solve problems related to baby projects with little or no volume. Therefore, make a difference between them through pages specifically dedicated to projects that are less than 18 months old.We believe this is the main missing component in the Crypto Currency space and we will give unbiased and old opinions to Crypto Investors and guide them as they navigate the Crypto Space.

Change rating based on reviews

ProExchangers will be the voice of end users and will protect their opinions, no reviews will be deleted and any reviews that are considered shill or spam will be moved to the spam folder.

Relationship between retail investors and players in the Crypto industry

ProExchangers review website, where people can write reviews about exchanges and find honest opinions from users. ProExchangers Review Token to finance the transparency of Crypto reviews.Transparency: Crypto currency space has long been a problem with transparency. The problem is due to lack of transparency in trading volume.Risks for Retail Investors: Many retail investors lose money by trading on the wrong exchange duo for many reasons. The nature of the Crypto currency industry means that retail investors must rely on exchanges, developers and coin ranking sites to make decisions.General information.
The ProExchangers website has the usual crypto look and feel. The only difference is that it has a star rating system.


ProExchangers Review Token is an ERC20 token designed to be a utility to support ProExchangers supporters. Exchange will be issued based on user activity or referral activity and gift community activities.Detail TokenPlatform: ERC20MAX supply: Not yet availableContract address: N / ALaunch date: N / A

Official Website:
Youtube:  https: //
Bounty: Allforwanlink;u=2653709

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