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What is Brand Token? A brand token is an account unit, which is created and recorded on the Blockchain. Brand tokens can be used as loyalty points issued by brands and sent to clients as gifts for needed needs such as purchases, social participation or new clients.  How is tokenization better than the usual loyalty program? Loyalty solutions are based on points, which cannot be transferred or exchanged. Points often expire or expand into uselessness and tell users the feeling of being cheated or used. Because of this, clients who reject offers on solutions are loyal based on the points and the brand itself.

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Other issues include the following: account inactivity – due to gifts being suspended, the user loses interest and involvement. This makes their loyalty accounts inactive. ● Low redemption rates – unclaimed rewards are recorded as liabilities on the company’s balance sheet. ● no transparency – clients have no insight into total supply points in circulation, etc. ● high transaction and system management costs – often high costs for creating and maintaining loyalty programs. ● incompatible systems – difficult to integrate two systems into one. ● high customer acquisition costs – businesses tend to spend more on customer acquisition. ● no liquidity – points cannot be in exchange for something other than a gift. Our solution Issues brand dedication tokens on the Etherchain Blockchain open. In contrast to the stoic focus, the token is successful and is moved between clients. Brands can give an imbalance to their customers, such as by focusing. Clients can reclaim tokens for approval, items, and administration. They can also exchange it for cryptographic money like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Brands can use their tokens to get new clients or strong customer gifts to buy, commit to online networks, support at events or share their own information. How can I finish my token? What can I get for them?Your token is a gift like cash, which means each token has a value, which you can spend as you wish. On the Brand Token platform you can also redeem for products, services, or bonuses of your choice. You can give it to someone else, exchange it for fiat currencies like USD or EUR, or cryptocurrency like ETH or BTC. How can I finish my token?  What can I get for them?
Your token is a gift like cash, which means that each token has a value, which you can spend as you wish. On the Brand Token platform you can also redeem for products, services, or bonuses of your choice. How to register using this link 

 You can register for the application beta test. How can my business benefit from tokenization?Tokens are powerful loyalty tools, which give your clients an instant reward that can be utilized in the right way. Incumbent loyalty solutions have a low level of involvement and redemption – the majority of clients don’t even know how many points they have. That’s because points cannot be transferred and they quickly expire, which discourages clients and they lose interest in products and loyalty solutions. With tokens they can easily exchange their prizes with others, and collect tokens from many different brands to get the rewards they want. Give them a feeling of satisfaction. The token, thanks to its transferability, also provides very useful data about your client. You can see where the client came from, who gave your token, 

In what ways can my business benefit from tokenization?
A token is an extraordinary service tool, which gives your customers a feeling of compensation when it can be used properly. Occupant dependency arrangements have a low level of commitment and reclamation – the dominant portion of customers do not have the foggiest idea of ​​how focused they have. This is on the grounds that points cannot be moved and they are quickly lost, which makes the customer’s morale go down and they lose enthusiasm for items and unwavering arrangements. With tokens they can without much trade their compensation for something different, and collect tokens from various brands to receive what they need consequently. Give them a sentiment of satisfaction. Tokens, because they can be transferred, also provide valuable information about your customers.
Regardless of the dominance of the framework of service awards, the current model is broken. Some clients can never recover their focus and those who might find the procedure blurred. Brand tokens are the mainstay gifts and trading stages which are driven by blockchain. We are designing progressive new use cases and other methods to build stability between brands and clients. With our help, brands can issue, monitor, and use blockchain-based service tokens to provide compensation and provide other, better, and perfect understanding for clients. Tokens can be effectively exchanged, changed, and evaluated continuously reducing the obligations that hang from the office service arrangements. Brands get minimal effort,
Do I need the Internet to use the token? Yes and no. If you are a brand and you integrate Brand Tokens with other systems such as messaging services or CRM, your token distribution will work automatically. If you are a user and you want to collect tokens, you will not be able to redeem them without the internet. How can I get more token using? The best way to use itTo collect more tokens, you can check how your favorite brands distribute tokens to their users in their subpages. Trading is another way to get more from tokens, but trading is associated with risk. You can make or lose money, so you can’t trade if you don’t know what you are doing.

Why BRND Tokens

One of the core values ​​that drives BRND is sharing prosperity with all stakeholders who have contributed to the growth of its ecosystem. Instead of having a small company that shares profits with only a few directors, we believe this type of network arrangement is better. Because we allow brands to make their own tokens on our platform, which are xB tokens, we offer them unique personal loyalty program opportunities. which is easy and cost-effective to run. In this way, we are changing the loyalty management market. We also encourage brands that become our partners to buy BRND tokens with special requirements. Every brand that has staked 1 million BRND for a minimum of 1 year will be rewarded with a free premium subscription for maintaining their bets.
Consumers who redeem points have higher purchase rates & stronger brand associations ● Higher involvement ● Higher retention ● Low damage ● Loyalty automation ● Low cost ● Automatic redemption


Most consumers prefer the option to redeem their points from time to time ● Liquid loyalty ● Transferable ● Prices ● Easy to evaporate ● Flexibility when to redeem ● Cash like Token Rewards

Market Loyalty Management

The loyalty system is designed to reward customers for their past purchases or other beneficial actions. It was also designed to give them incentives to make purchases in the future. By having a rewards program, the business allows activation, retention, top sales, and referrals, along with offering customer value to customers.

How brands can use their tokens

Build a successful brand token campaign by maintaining balance. Build a successful brand token campaign by maintaining a balance between supply and demand. Supply depends on the distribution model. Request depends on redemptive offer.


● Miles pointsFor every driving mile with car sharing application users will get Miles points. ● For reviews Users will get tokens to review drivers. ● Good Drivers Drivers can get tokens to receive good reviews. ● Reference Program Users get tokens to refer new clients.


● Select or Black Enhance your trip to Select with Miles points ● Discount codesClients can exchange their tokens for discount codes ● Priority Support Get priority status for your support ticket.


consumers say that loyalty programs are a meaningful part of their relationship with brands.


buyers claim they like companies that have some kind of reward program.


Loyalty program members are looking to engage with brands through new high-tech solutions such as augmented reality and digital loyalty programs. This digital trend is a good thing for retailers.
BRAND TOKENSYMBOL: BRNDTOTAL SUPPLY: BRNDDECIMAL: 18                                BLOCKCHAIN: Ethereum – ERC20TOKEN SALESOFT CAP: 250,000 USDHARDWARE: 1,000,000 USDCURRENCY ACCEPTED: BTC / ETH / FIATTOKEN DISTRIBUTION10%: For ICO20%: Round I of ICO40%: Round II of ICO15%: Marketing10%: Tim5%: Reserves & liquidityROAD MAP2020Q1 ● Brand tokens OU Company was established in Estonia as a software and technology company. ● A new website that allows Sign-Up for Brands and Users with the opportunity to subscribe to favorite brand tokens. ● PreICO is open to internal clients (limited edition only 100 million token). Q2 ● An election system for users to decide which Brands they welcome on the platform. ● ICO  400 million tokens in distribution. ● The first 1,000 Brands in the system. Q3 ● Application mock-ups ● Launch of loyalty programs according to tokens with BRND and xB for beta testers and early adopters.Q4 ● Open platform for every company, massive on-boarding. ● Marketing offering, brand growth and user base. ● Launching Marketing Automation Tools for Brands.2021Q1 ● Profiles supported by AI,new quality in Marketing Automation. ● Platform development. Q2 ● ICO Round 2. ● Market intensive marketing. Q4 ● BRND Token registered on the exchange platform. ● Buy back BRND token for the first time. Platform development.
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