Deflex exchange

Deflex exchange

HELLO buddy, what do you know about deflexes. Deflex is the first cryptocurrency exchange, Deflex has created an exchange that combines deflation with all cryptocurrency, no matter if it’s a token or a coin. from their point of view, there are two types of exchanges. One type of exchange is those that create new features, new services and make the cryptocurrency industry a step further for mass adoption.Deflex will set its own server locations around the world in certain regions so that it not only has control over its own network and thus ensures the prudence and security needed for users, but also to be more decentralized. This means that Deflex is central and decentralized. Because the location of the server is unknown, setup issues cannot arise and each user can use Deflex without problems and restrictions.What is Deflex Echange?Deflex is the first cryptocurrency exchange, creating an exchange that combines deflation with all cryptocurrency, no matter if it’s a token or a coin. From our point of view, there are two types of exchanges. One type of exchange is those that create new features, new services and take the cryptocurrency industry a step further for mass adoption.Another type of exchange copy and adopts new developments from the first type of exchange. This is certainly a great way to increase exchanges, but we prefer to be one of the first types of exchanges because we think this is how exchanges should act in the first place. Therefore, the progress and success of exchanges in the future depends on the development of exchanges and the industry itself.So with your help, we want to establish the first deflation exchange called Deflex; Exchange of deflation. With the first deflation exchange, we will not only be able to help cryptocurrency, but also communities and users, who will not only see more profit for themselves because of artificially created deflation, but will also talk more about it and thus make cryptocurrency. even better known.Problem● Poor technical architectureWithout the right infrastructure, Exchange will not exist for a long time. Today, many exchanges use cloud services or third parties that can offer them the computing power they need and can provide them immediately. However, this creates a problem because dependence on these service providers and third parties is increasing. This raises the problem that in the event of a third-party server failure, Exchange itself also fails. This can also increase the risk of a hacker attack, because the infrastructure is not available.Deflex exchange● Exchange of deflationEvery month at Deflex there is a burning day where the collected cryptocurrency is burned out of the fees collected during the one month period. This happens with every cryptocurrency collected and anyone can check the burned address where currencies are collected on the blockchain.● Exchange DecentralizationDue to the different server locations and the increasing number of locations, Exchange will cross country and hence is also available throughout the world.● TransparencyWith Deflex Status Platform (DS-Platform) you can see all internal company balance and wallet activities. The DS platform will also display the latest news, statistics, such as server status and exchange performance, and more.the features● Low trade costsDeflex’s allows you to trade with a maximum trading fee of 0.1%. Additional 50% discount if you use Coins.● Financial stabilityDeflex is based on a sophisticated multi-layer and multi-cluster architecture, which not only provides greater security for users, but also maintains platform stability.● There is no KYCBecause of decentralization, KYC is not required to use the platform● Lower costsFor withdrawal transactions, we charge a maximum fixed fee, where we credit the remaining amount back to the account.● Suitable machinesOur machine is able to maintain 900,000 orders per second. This value will be at the beginning. Over time we will improve our machines.● Customer SupportDeflex will provide a 24/7 support team so users always have a link if there is a problem.DEF value● CostsYou can use DEF to pay for any fees on our platform, including but not limited to:1. Exchange fees2. Withdrawal fees3. Registration fee4. Other costsWhen you use DEF to pay fees, you will receive a fixed discount of 25%.● StrikeThe DEF token allows the holder to claim part of the costs generated by the exchange and payment service. With that, Token holders who bet DEF Tokens benefit directly from the success of the exchange service.● ICOICO will be conducted in ETH. Unsold tokens will be burned after ICO.● ICO scheduleAll times below are Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).Our tokens● 50% trade discount● Deflation● Passive IncomeCoin Deflex gives holders various options to benefit from the platform. By using Deflex Coin when trading, this allows users to save 50% of the cost. Another option is to bet Defleks Coins on the platform and get some of the costs for yourself. Monthly burns will also occur, which will reduce the supply of Deflex Coins and thus reduce the amount of DEF in circulation.Token Sale● Token Symbol: DEF● Total Token Supply: 91,000,000 DEF● Total Token Supply Sold: 54,600,000 DEF● Token Exchange Rate Offered: 1 ETH = 1595 DEF● Public Crowdsale Date: Starting: 20. March 2020 End: 10. April 2020● Hard Cap: equivalent to 4,500,000 USD in ETH● Soft Cap: equivalent to 1,700 USD in ETH● minimum contribution: 0.1 ETHAllocation

● 60% – Initial Coin Offer (ICO)● 35% – Company Funds● 5% – Founding TeamUse of Funds● 65% of the funds will be used to build Deflexchange andinfrastructure, which includes team recruitment, training, lawsupport, administrative costs and development budget.● 25% will be used for Deflex branding and marketing, includingpromotion and continuing education from Deflex and Blockchaininnovation in industrial media. Adequate budget for various thingsadvertising activities, to help Deflex become popular among peopleinvestors, and to attract active users to the platform● 10% will be saved as a backup in case of emergency orunexpected situations that might arise.ROADMAP August 2019● Concept Development & Development● International teams start working on the platform.December 2019● Whitepaper release● Website releaseJanuary 2020● MVP release, ICO planning & preparation begins● Our MVP will be available on our websiteMarch 2020● Launch of the Initial Coin OfferMay 2020● Launch of Deflex Beta● Beta testing will be open to the public.● Open deposits and withdrawals. Trade begins.Q2 2020● Launch of Deflex 1.0● Server Network ExpansionTim1. Ron Bennett, CEO of Deflexchange2. Daniel Stein, CMM Di DeflexchangeFor more detailed information, please visit the link below:● Website :● Leaderboards:● Twitter:● Telegram:● GitHub:● Reddit:● Dispute:● Ann Thread: AllforwanLink:;u=2653709

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