Prometheus A functional prototype product that allows quick and easy database integration


Prometheus summarizes     the research team’s adventure story to find the answer to life’s biggest puzzle story: “Who is the creator of humans?” ) left the LV-223 monthly menu with a team funded by Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce). Four years passed and the Prometheus aircraft used in the expedition reached its destination. Under the direction of Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron), researchers are instructed not to engage with     engineers    who are considered human creators.
David (Michael Fassbender), an Android from Weyland who discovered the roots of language, accompanied the research team in their search for a building. Inside the building they found a large head statue at the end of the room filled with stone canisters. In addition, the researchers found a giant alien, which was among the     engineers who were     looking for a car. This is only a handful of secrets that can be found that can deny the existence of humans. One by one, the lives of members of the research team are threatened by the fate of discoveries that live on this planet.

Amazing and fun throughout the film


  Placing the film The two main things     Prometheus     under the husband is at the center of his position as the forerunner to the     alien   and Ridley franchise    return  . Prometheus     has been awarded as an alien   prequel     since construction began in 2000. However, one weakness of the prequel that Ridley wants to avoid is the transmission of the story to the end predicted by the audience. For this reason, Ridley Damon Lindelof asked Jon Spaihts to rewrite the screenplay. How is the implementation of this film? Does it match the festive funds that have been carried out so far?

Impressive visual effects and tense storylines are two aspects that Ridley fully presents at   Prometheus    . Since the beginning of the film, the visual effects that have been successfully presented have tied the viewer’s eyes to the screen. However, a new part of the conversation presented by Prometheus assorted planes flying at the residence   of the landing engineer   . The acting of each star who enlivens the film also supports the tense side presented by Ridley. The acting skills of Noomi Rapace (    Millennium Trilogy 
 ) and Michael Fassbender (    X-Men: First Class    )   looks superior to his colleagues. Apart from the Android game, Fassbender managed to reproduce the character traits, which are cool and full of secrets, very well. Good character Naomi, who is often challenged by aliens hiding on this planet. Unfortunately, Charlize Theron (   Snow White and the Huntsman    ) was not immediately praised because most did not play a role in   Prometheus    . Discarding one of the common problems between     the scientific community 

  and dealing with religion offers a unique perspective in this film. The secret of the     engineers    and the dialogue that began each time made a number of findings about the Prometheus   expedition      interesting. However, a full execution history is an offer with a minimum amount of extraterrestrial action offered. However, I feel safe to say that this film is in line with the endless promotions that it makes.
Prometheus has created a fully functional MVP that allows users to connect to the database with just a few clicks, select tables and columns to transfer to the blockchain, select blockchain types (Prometheus, Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar …) and choose whether actions should only be performed once or repeated. The reverse process can also be used to move data from the blockchain to the database.

The main problem with blockchain technology is mass use and use of technology to solve real world problems. Wherever there is a problem of trust between two entities, blockchain technology can help solve problems. The main feature of this advanced technology is that information that has ever been written in blocks cannot be changed. Building a blockchain from scratch that meets the needs of a business unit can be very expensive and time consuming.

The application of Prometheus technology, which allows them to quickly and easily integrate parts of their business into the blockchain, gives them a large market advantage. The Prometheus platform already has a functional prototype product that allows quick and easy database integration, i.e. transferring data from the database on the blockchain to the client. The “Point and Click” application platform allows users to choose which diagrams and data come from their database, which parts of the business they want to transfer to the blockchain, and in this way become the actual “early adopters”, in other words: users Blockchain technology in your business.

Prometheus has a simple but very effective solution. At present, every company uses a relational database in its business processes. Prometheus has software with which they can easily connect to their database and transfer selected data to the desired blockchain. This is a unique service throughout the world that allows them to become blockchain technology users. This will improve their business processes and give them a competitive advantage.

What is our vision and mission?


Our vision is to simplify the use of blockchain technology with products that can be used to transfer parts of business processes to the desired, affordable and efficient blockchain.
The Prometheus platform mission contributes to the global use of blockchain in the world. The stakes are large and Prometheus is not limited to certain industries, but universal solutions from blockchain technology allow each company to transfer part of its business to the blockchain.
IEO participant protection

Prometheus is fully transparent about the development of future platforms. With our organizational products and skills, we are confident that this project can be successfully implemented. For this reason, we offer ICO participants absolute protection that cannot yet be seen in the ICO world:

if a $ 530,000 soft cap is needed for the development of a successful future platform and a successful business model after ICO completion is required not to be exceeded, Ethereum will be automatically returned through smart contracts.

After passing the soft cap (hard cap is $ 11,000,000), Prometheus will propose several independent software development experts to review whether the development of the platform matches the road map. All ICO participants choose their favorites, while buyers over $ 1,000 can choose their experts. If an expert determines that the Prometheus platform development is not on schedule for an estimated time period, all buyers will be refunded the amount invested less the estimated amount of $ 530,000.

For this reason, we offer ICO participants absolute protection that cannot yet be seen in the ICO world:   If a USD 530,000 ceiling is needed for future platform development and a successful business model is not achieved after the completion of ICO, Ethereum will automatically be sent back through smart contracts. After passing the soft-cap (hard-cap is $ 11 million), Prometheus will propose several independent experts with the power of software development to review whether the development of the platform matches the road map. All ICO participants choose their favorites, while buyers over $ 1,000 can choose their experts.

Token information

Token name: Prometheus
Ticker token: PRO
Total supply: 200,000,000
Extraordinary supply: 140,000,000
Decimal: 18
Platform: Ethereum, ERC20
IEO Date: February 1 2020 – May 1 2020
Price of IEO: 1 PRO = 0.1 USD
Soft stamp: 530,000 USD
Hard stamp: 11,000,000 USD



Srdjan Vukmirovic:
Mile Kordic CEO : CTO
Before Medical Workers: COO
Milana Fines: Developer
Nemanja Simikic: Developer



The development phase will be divided into 4 quarters with a team of 7: Software Architect (Srdjan Vukmirovic), 4 Net developers, QA and the author of DevOps / Tech.
Two developers will work on the Prometheus platform: Scheduler and
Configuration Manager.
Two developers will work on Crypto Adapters.
ICO: February 1 2020 to May 1 2020.
Q1 2020
Ethereum and Bitcoin Adapters
User management, roles and subscriptions
Q2 2020
Stellar and Cardano Adapters
Database configuration and management applications
Q3 2020
Cardano and Neo Adapters Q4 2020
scheduling engine Open APIs for other crypto databases Calculation of usage and payment



Paper light:
Youtube:   https: //

Username: Allforwan


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