A safe and transparent blockchain-based gaming platform that offers a wide range of games for interested users

Gambling has been done by humans for a long time and has even been part of human culture for thousands of years. In the past, people gambled with a variety of media, the most popular of which were cards, roulette, etc. All gambling activities used to be carried out offline, but since the emergence and development of the internet, online gambling has become popular among the public. around the world. To date, the size of the global online gambling market is estimated to reach USD 127.3 billion by 2027, making the gambling industry very potential.

Talking about online gambling, maybe you will be interested in this one platform. It is an online gambling platform that offers users a transparent and fair service. This is Bitfresh – the first community-based iGaming platform where everyone wins.

For some people who don’t have time to gamble offline, they can use their devices to be able to gamble online. Currently, online gambling platforms offer a wide variety of games that users can play freely. Most of these platforms offer a gaming experience that is not much different from offline gambling platforms.

But the problem is that many of these online gambling platforms offer games with systems that are not transparent and sometimes unfair to the players. This is why many people are still reluctant to play online gambling, they are worried about a game system that is not transparent, honest, and fair.

Bitfresh is an online gambling platform that combines gaming with blockchain technology. With this combination, Bitfresh has become a transparent, safe, honest and fair gaming platform for global users. So when you play games on the Bitfresh platform, you don’t have to worry about security, transparency and fairness.

Currently Bitfresh provides a wide variety of games that you can access through an easy interface, such as classic dice, coin flip, classic slots, 3D slots, and many more. It is planned that Bitfresh will develop and launch new games through the TRON ecosystem. The TRON ecosystem was considered very suitable for the development and deployment of iGaming, so Bitfresh chose TRON as its game architecture.


Our vision is to be a community-driven iGaming platform that makes constant changes and iterations based on user feedback. Its main goal is to create a fair and trusted environment for stakeholders and gamers.

  • We want to be  recognized as the first iGaming platform driven by the community
  • We want to be  one of the first major blockchain-based iGaming platforms
  • We want to help  move the iGaming industry in the right direction with proven fair play and true transparency.
  • We would like to  refer to how successful decentralized projects will be through the next generation of the token economy.


1. iGaming

iGaming consists of playing casino games, poker and / or sports betting over the internet. Factors such as advances in available technology (e.g. smartphones and apps), higher trust from gamblers who pay online, and the increasing digitization of the world, have made the iGaming market experience tremendous growth in many regions around the world.

The online gambling and odds industry is huge, with a market size of USD 53.7 billion in 2019 for online gambling and USD 7.5 billion for online lotteries. Europe dominates the market in 2019 with a total of USD 22.0 billion. The gambling market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027, forecasting a capitalization of USD 127.3 billion at that point. The convenience of cashless payment modes during gaming is likely to increase the iGaming market, during the forecast period.

2. Fair Play

Fair gaming has always been a topic of discussion among the Casino and its customers, GVC started its fair game initiative in 2018, while there is also a fair gambling codex that describes adequate operating requirements for casinos and consumers. Blockchain gambling is also on the list of trends for 2020.

Bitfresh Token

Designed for profit sharing and share ownership.

Limited supply of 1,000,000,000

As the community grows, dividends increase with demand.

TRC20 based

TRC‌-20 is the technical standard used for smart contracts on the TRON blockchain.

Always produce

Get BFT every time you play, win or lose. Mining is a relative size of your bet.

Free trade

Trade your BFT for the crypto of your choice – like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Detail Token 

● Token Name: BitFresh Token

●  Token Symbol: BFT

● Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

● Token Type: TRC-20 TRON Token Based

● Token Types: 18 TRON Based Tokens


A total of 1,000,000,000 BFT tokens will be issued and allocated as follows:

● 5%: of BFT tokens will be allocated for Staking

● 5%: of BFT tokens will be allocated to Advisor

● 5%: of BFT tokens will be allocated to Early Support

● 10%: of BFT tokens will be allocated for Public Sale

● 5%: of BFT tokens will be allocated for Bonus Mechanics

● 20%: BFT tokens will be allocated to Teams

● 50%: BFT tokens will be allocated to Players


Q4 2020

• Development of a whitepaper • Establishment


• Coin & dice return game

• Initial mining system

• Launch of alpha platform

• Pre-launch campaign & rewards program

Q1 2021

• Improved accessibility

• Launching

official main network • BFT mining commences

• Referral program

Q2 2021

• Addition of new in-house games

• Token issuance and initial sale

• Dividend group prizes

• Jackpot system

• List of tokens

Q3 2021

• The addition of new cryptocurrencies

• Improved mobile experience

• Daily gambling mission

• Player items

Q4 2021

• The token burn started

• Level & achievement system

• New games & integration with Game providers

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Hi everyone … I am here to tell you all by writing a review to introduce a very unique new project called     BNXFINEX    ,     so for that, consider the article I created below to give you an overview of this project and how it will turn out. provide a very good and attractive offer for everyone. Immediately, we continue the discussion below.


FINEX’s BNX platform is a decentralized exchange known as BNX Bank is a crypto trading platform designed to ensure security and transparency of trading. Trading activities are carried out in a decentralized manner and traders take control and manage their funds and assets through their Private keys. Under this trading system, the trader’s identity is kept secret while the intermediary service is completely bypassed. We are gradually moving into the technological era where computing power is the fuel of modern technology. Computer processing power is needed to drive the ever-evolving and increasing aspects of technology. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, cloud computing, and blockchain technology are just a few of them. It has become a commodity as demand continues to grow. Today, you can buy anything with cryptocurrency – from BNX Exchange to the best supercars. However, when it comes to grocery shopping or buying a latte at your favorite cafe, it returns to the good old fiat currency.


BNXFINEX is a cryptocurrency exchange trading platform that is based on a fast, convenient and secure payment alternative. BNXFINEX eliminates kwitsa coding, high costs, and traffic delays and enhances long networks that are simple, affordable, and fast.

   What will BNX Finex do with cryptocurrency issues? 

   BNX Finex is a project created based on blockchain technology. Of course, the BNX Finex will have a lot of functionality beforehand which reduces the drawbacks of the current cryptocurrency system. You can easily complete your payments with high security and speed.

   Here are the benefits BNX Finex provides to users:

   It’s up to the speed of access. A highly sophisticated formula was applied to create BNX Finex, making it easier to perform digital exchanges at high speed. Time is an essential element in life. You can save your time while cutting your access time.

 – Lower transaction fees. Without an intermediary between BNX Finex and a user, such as a bank or clearing house, the fees will be minimal. Other than that, it costs a little if you want. People like to save as much as they want to make more money.

 – The Extions system has many tradable digital currencies. This network allows users to maximize the benefits of taking digital assets. The tokens that can be traded for users are increasing every day. There is a large network of cryptocurrencies that can be traded within the Extons system.

 – BNX Finex cares about transparency and security. It was greatly appreciated when the team published this platform to the cryptocurrency market. This is also the most important strategy of the BNXs team leader.

 – The market can remain balanced because users can check the liquidity of money. Users actively control money and transactions without restrictions or difficulties.

   The last advantage BNX provides is independence. BNX Finex is not controlled by the government. So that users can easily use this platform without having to worry about government problems. Only a development team can make an impact on this brilliant project.

BNX FINEX is an advanced decentralized exchange in 4 main aspects:

1. Uses

2. Security

3. Crosschain

4. Dapp

Platform  BNX   FINEX  Exchange  faster and easier deposit and withdrawal methods:

Particularly in developing countries, there is an inherent need for easy deposit and withdrawal services. Using BNX Coin, Powered by Blockchain, and a combination of local deposits and other smart payment systems, depositing and withdrawing has never been easier. It is safe, protected, traceable and completely transparent.  BNX FINEX     Exchange Coin Project, Platform, and Website are provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. And the Platform will be available 100% of the time to meet your needs.

There is no alternative text for this image

BNX FINEX Exchange Market

  • Total Supply for Savings:     3,000,000
  • Amount Remaining Supply:     2,586,144
  • Remaining Blocks:     13
  • Starting Price:     1.1
  • Target:   3.000.000 
  • BNX goes to the next block:     186,144
There is no alternative text for this image

Token BNX

The BNX token is developed based on the ERC20 standard belonging to the Ethereum network.

  • Token Name:     BNX Token
  • Symbol:     BNX
  • Volume Total:   12.000.000

BNX tokens will be distributed to followers:

  • Marketing:     2,000,000
  • Savings:     3,000,000
  • Community Fund:     3,000,000
  • Foundation Fund:     4,000,000
There is no alternative text for this image

BNX Coin Has the power to pump and I think everyone should join this project. I have to say don’t miss this project, there are quite a number of projects like bnxfinex. It has unique ideas and concepts. Everyone should join this, the website is given here ..    .

In the world of finance, change is the only Authentic Exchange. The future is brighter with bnxfinex exchange. He also manages the banking system to make a more reliable banking system the best.

Business model

Supports a wide variety of crypto resources

A significant pool of cryptographic money and the actions of its exchange are accessible in trading. This administration is huge but very straightforward. Traders from all over the world will have the option to take advantage of the stage and become important for the possible development of biological systems. Major crypto resources have been recorded and the past is one way.

Best client experience

Fun and fluid trading interface. It’s imperative to give clients the best possible exchange interaction while looking around. There is online client service every minute of every day for merchants to help. This will guarantee all the exchange experiences.


Liquidity is also a major point that many trades ignore. Without sufficient liquidity, the broker will not have the option to take advantage of the stage without problems. Liquidity will be delivered across 250 market boundaries with front-line innovation and foundation.


The multi-model structure will make the main thing possible and that is the pinnacle of security. With the best front and back plans as well as extended plans to equip clients with stable business activities. Multiple layers of security have been actualized to prevent the hack from functioning and any execution fields.


BNX FINEX is the most complete investment ecosystem operating in the Block. Being one of the first platforms to be produced, the company wants to create and help investors to be more concerned about the economic weaknesses suffered by many people in the world in the concept of mutual cooperation as an investment that can be exchanged with registered users on this subject. blockchain.

For more information, you can view it below:



Telegram Channel:


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Decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies 


It is a film that makes it possible to trade with digital money for addition, buy and delete products, and make sales quickly into packages. This is a new way to break trade, where the monetary start from all over the world there are only 24 hours he may ever do. Precisely the cryptographic form of many people has exploded no later than the evaluation reports that there are over 2,000 in place. A large number of these coins will almost certainly suffer a definite impact, either for bitcoin, or bitcoin relief. Alongside these lines, you may be asked to create anywhere you have to add to initiate coin contributions (ICOs,) or use an on-demand blob as well. 

The flip side of your choice is that you can withdraw by issuing coins elsewhere – a decision that fits with reasons I probably wouldn’t be able to do either. Vіtаl to іntrіguе аnd purpose оf Bitcoin аnd dіffеrеnt dіgіtаl fоrmѕ money is innovation blосkсhаіn, which іѕ utilized tо kеер аn оnlіnе rесоrd оf number соnѕіdеrаblе оf exchange that hаvе еvеr bееn lеd, in thіѕ way gіvіng an information ѕtruсturе tо thіѕ rесоrd іѕ vеrу Due and distributed and put into use at any time from an uncertain hub, or a PC that is completing a duet of records. Each new step must be checked by each hub before it is affirmed, making it practically difficult to produce a suitable exchange. 

Perhaps the best in digital can occur in the two most difficult levels and the level of difficulty is the level which is possible because of the multicomposition. There is no way how to put security into a ‘big-how-to-help’ way according to your suggestion. Wherever, most have to make sure that joint ventures and improvements are not really impossible. In addition, they decided to use, perhaps most of the funds have not yet highlighted, whether it is possible and do not care in other ways, use instruments, and make exchanges in other ways, such as exchanging them in other ways, as well as using other instruments, such as those in below. All that is more important, the beginner in the crypto space thinks that he has to settle for a certain choice, 

An East African crypto company does not have an ASLA project tends to some questions, and makes some parts of the new answer in a multi-dimensional way began to use. 

Outside ASLAрrоjесt 

ASLA is a bad exchange that is traded starting from the new and the one that was just reported. The stage when prompted by saying that it doesn’t need ASLA. The token will win if he makes a selection from changing stages. The extraordinary differentiator of ASLAрrоjtec is that it is possible. It seems that starting out that way, maybe it is a little tedious and fun when asked to be asked to do so. It has a multi-faceted perspective with four items. The popular ones, ASLAtrade, ASLAdex, ASLAgames, and ASLAmеѕеngеr. 

No alternative text is provided for this image

ASLAtrаde Prоduсts: 

This is an ASLA project. This is complemented by multiple answers about what is possibly basic and open, so it is only possible to swap places in the same way not too. Nonetheless, he seems to have encouraged the fun by pointing out that some are relevant for interested specialists too. Since being thought of by the most discerning people, ASLAtrike is like some first class in no uncertain terms. 

Apart from that, it also possessed all incredible techniques. Everyone who needs to swap when ASLAtrange has to put his stick – high or low, and after that it might be tight for some parts. In the past that the right arrangements were partly made. At that point is that it seems off-base, at that point the stage by saying that by offering like that is ASLA to say. When it is a frewz, then it must be every day a few days from starting the turnaround on TRX as well. Of course, the ASLA project has closed with ASLA, regardless of whether to benefit or make more money when exchanging on stage. 

HELP: The blockchain that is giving a hot spot in the game space is sure not to appear. Ideas are fun, therefore, and rewarding. ASLAрrоjесt’s game makes ASLAgаm easy to use. You have to join and join several game venues around the world. When you place on the right, ASLAgames rewards you with what is being planned. Before you finish this, ASLA will enter the game as it was started, for example, also, durak, ltttt and a few others. 

ASLAdex is a late stage which can be used to upgrade non ASLAtrade compliant stages. While it has been fast and slow since then, it is generous to step back from the prevailing procedure through this seems to be worthwhile to replace. Apart from that, ASLAdex also seems fine for improper resource hoarding. 

In no way like most of the lesser, ASLA says is definite, security-centered and not on demand. It doesn’t have any nonsensical servers, moreover it might corrupt an image that isn’t quite right and is bound to get corrupted. 

ASLA the project as determined before it will be re-analyzed in DappRadar, which is the information obtained and investigated randomly. It happened in some 2,900 declared. To put it right, it’s a DAPLAR allocation. By using and deciding, ASLAрrоjесt will have the opportunity to increase more possibilities and have the potential to be fundamentally successful, as he emphasized. 

The рlаtfоrm hаѕ wіth juѕt ѕеttlеd unmіѕtаkаblе nаmеѕ organizations in the сrурtо ѕрасе іnсludіng TRON, TRXplorer, Wist Company, аnd PоlіnіDеx, Rесеntlу, it went іntо аn аѕѕосіаtіоn аn online соnсurrеnсе with ѕtоrе nаmеd Bоxgаdgеt. With this, clients will have the opportunity to make purchases from Boxgadget using TRX and ASLA. Most people would agree that this is an almost surefire solution to getting attention right from the point of judgment. 

ASLAрrоjесt grоuоt is the only encouraging push to show you our latest solutions. ASLA tokens are added to one of the perfect choices, that is, money really says, What if it’s not true? As previously explained, the ASLAtrade portable laptop paired is almost already paired. What’s more, it is possible now that everyone of you can change and make ASLA anytime and any time. Maybe we are finishing the planning phase everywhere and will start extending to use it. 

Download and install the App



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How do I buy a Tron wallet? 

Create and introduce one of the TRON wallets mentioned by TronWallet or Tronlink using an incorrect answer. Right now, portable translation of TrlnLln and Trln will have several options, only as Trlnl in lan form and in lan in the browser here. 

How can I work with this platform? 

There are two tabs at the top: Create and Use. In the former, you can get a fee and choose the unimportant from the pattern, good or bad. In a few boxes, enter the TRX format which you will have to spend in the most difficult times. The top When Column shows that from TRX that you will get if your bid is reached. You can freeze tokens for changes and see some answers which can be accessed by asking me for “Airdrops” tacb. 

How will I ask ASLA? 

By exchanging your money, you get ASLA tokens. At the top of “Ardrd”, you will find that about TRX you have to spend because it offers to get 1 ASLA for say. The complexity of making decisions day after day, so every player has a chance to get ASLS in the package. 

(  )

Token is already an Exchange for trading Polondiex exchange Tokens are created on the Tron blockchain 


ASLA uses the latest standards of digital wallet management and provides our users with an intuitive layout, powerful and fast features, and maximum funds security. This ASLA is a reliable project with excellent characteristics and unique ideas. This is a great project. I really appreciate this. I really hope for success.

Today ASLA tokens are gradually striving for growth. Soon ASLA tokens are turned into coins that will be willing to buy on exchanges. This project is being effectively developed and expanded by a new entertainment service. Our team prepares videotapes, support manuals and online chat with live dialogue at all times. Become a member of the ASLA project today. Follow us on social media and apostles. We will develop this crypto dream together. #ASLA  #ASLAgame  #ASLAtrade  #poloniex  #cryptocurrency  #tokens  #binance  #yobit  #trading  #gaming


ASLA has a professional team active in the Blockchain technology field. They worked hard and effectively became successful towards achieving their Roadmap.

Roadmap NEVER

For more info visit: 
YouTube: channel / UCbQNErXj9gFgVCqjb5qiENA
ANN:  https: //

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Unifinity is a decentralized application (Dapp), running on the blockchain, which aims to be the easiest gateway for schools, teachers, parents and students to send and receive payments for tuition and projects. Strictly speaking, decentralization in education implies devolution of power from higher to lower power levels. However, this lower level can be another level of regulation within the Ministry of Education, for example, ordinary divisions or schools: this procedure is usually called deconcentration. Because of the decentralization of education, there are procedures for devolving financial and dynamic authority from higher levels to lower levels of government and hierarchical units.

Quality Education and Developing Technology is the path to change the events and financial development of a country. Most organizations now require their workers to complete certain study degrees, even the degree to which an extended salary is equal to a certain range of abilities as a requirement at least.

The focal point of decentralization includes better and more appropriate choices and expanded inspiration. Because it also facilitates weighting on top administration, there is less fire fighting administration, or everyday critical thinking. It also encourages the improvement and improvement of junior administration.

Most Asian countries cannot exploit mechanical developments to deal with their regulatory exercises. The progress of the school education framework into a mechanized device that is empowered with high innovation will be significant, because most of the information on the council stages is expensive and entangled. As such, most tertiary institutions physically process registration. Until now it is also difficult for universities to continuously follow the number of students who go to classes such as receiving installments according to schedule for fees and registration, as well as long queues each semester.

UNIFINITY, We are centered around offering special and administrative assistance to educational foundations to help scientific and authoritative procedures through smart contracts that make it easier to sort information, follow, observe exercises and participate students. This is all being accomplished by using Tokens as a unique type of virtual marking and carefully designed timestamp, and gives the strength of motivation and gifts to each successor to the application.

The idea of ​​UNIFINITY is to create the First Decentralized Application that will support all tertiary institutions by giving them availability and innovation using Blockchain Technology. Our destination  is to build a jointly decentralized educational stage that empowers Universities and Schools of various sizes to quickly actualize the use of Blockchain innovations and smart contracts on different application needs. We accept that Blockchain innovation can be used as an integral asset to improve the current Education and Learning Management System.

THE MAIN PURPOSE· To complete application development and to enter universities, colleges, schools globally that do not have access to quality learning applications and Registration management systems.· To provide accessibility to parents in providing tools for them to continue their studies as well as accessibility to manage their finances with secure fast payments at low costs.· To encourage more students to continue their studies and learn the right investments by giving them access to professional courses provided by leading universities.
· To give universities the ability to issue their own Anti-Counterfeiting Blockchain Certificates and Blockchain anti-fraud identity cards which also function as wallets where users can use them in several merchant partners using smart contracts through various applications.Thanks to the UNIFINITY platform, the work of universities and schools can change dramatically.● You no longer need paper to store information. Certificates, licenses and other documents can be stored in a block chain. This technology provides reliable protection against hacking and changes in records. This leads to many advantages: eliminating the share of corruption in education, dissolving records, reducing spending on budget funds and extra-budget for consumables.● The ministry of information and other relevant government agencies are no longer needed. Blockchain can provide constant access to verified information about certification, which makes the educational process desirable, because it is increasingly difficult to buy a diploma. The court no longer needs to be involved to prove copyright over scientific work.● The process of recording information in the block chain does not require specialists, which reduces the educational institution’s financial burden on personnel content.● The cryptocurrency room applies to learning. If state law is ready for such a change, high-yield scholarships and grants will be transferred online, which will exclude intermediaries who work with universities now.
● Employers will now be confident in the specialist qualifications that are hired, and the implementation of recertification and qualification confirmation procedures will soon be reflected in an integrated system, and this will become reliable data.

Unifinity DAPP will empower clients as Parents, Students and Management to have full and basic knowledge and control of each related datum. We have created our own Dapp as a strong Interface, connecting all accomplices and progress procedures for the Blockchain, by providing an important framework and many apparatuses incorporated. This will enable the University to oversee the Spotlight and Blockchain applications with minimal cost and time.

We work with a community model that allows us to develop development innovations and appropriate blockchain skills, and will offer extensive blockchain-based arrangements that allow universities to synchronize and use blockchain applications to improve their regulatory procedures. Unifinity was founded by a cross-practical group that has joint involvement with man-made awareness, blockchain, portable applications, cybersecurity and IoT throughout Europe and Asia.

Unifinity works and collaborates with Education suppliers, for example, Local / Private foundations, Universities, Colleges, Training Facilities that offer Education courses. Blockchain courses, AI, Big Data will also be presented with Partnership, Dash will be recognized as installments in the course, installments for colleges and other future items that will be presented in the Unifinity stage which will be included in the following weeks.

The benefits of joining the UNIFINITY Unifinity Program are 

that innovation is the center of our daily life and work, along this pathway utilizing innovation to provide satisfying connections and learning meetings for students. Assets and assessments measure student achievement which also rewards students each time they enter certain talents or information taken on the course in the UNIFINITY stage, in this way progressive change concentrates on supporting the Education System by:
– Providing trustees an approach to tracking and filtering installments they
– Ensure installments are sent legally to universities easily without cost
– Provide capacity to filter student implementation and participation.
– Using Tokens sent on Smart Contracts that will fill in as an unchanging sophisticated timestamp that uses the Blockchain. Dash

The advantages of the Unifinity application

Safe and anti-fraud

Give universities the ability to issue their own Blockchain Anti-Counterfeiting Certificates and anti-fraud Blockchain identity cards that also function as wallets, which users can use in various trading partners using smart contracts through various applications.


With their personal blockchain technology, they can reduce the transaction costs needed. This is different from using the ethereum blockchain or similar platform, which is influenced by the number of transactions and block size making transaction costs unpredictable.

Quick in providing relevant information

With Unifinity, universities can eliminate things that are not important in providing information to parents and students. Streamline the education system to be more efficient and uncomplicated as before.
Based on the road map that is on their official website, this project actually started working in 2018. And only this year it was officially released and introduced at the token49, Ethereum SuperMeetUP, and Unchain Conversion events. And the latest information they plan to hold an initial engagement with the University of Cebu.Oh yes, Unifinity also has a shop. unifinity services that serve as a market that makes it easy for students to buy their needs. for those of you who want to sell their goods, you can register your store directly at their official website store. Unifinity is open to the public. for now, with free registration, and payment you can use popular crypto coins such as btc, eth, bch, and dash. Join Unifinity for the development of a better education system.
Announcement Partneship
Next joins EduTech’s Unifinity stage throughout the world. Unifinity empowers colleges and schools far and wide of various sizes to quickly actualize the use of Blockchain innovations and smart contracts for different application needs. Through this association you will have the option to pay for various supplier training courses throughout the world in the future with Dash. We are very optimistic about this association because this is our first organization to work based on our needs to advertise the Philippines and many more will follow.

is a portal for universities where they have complete ERP solutions with ZERO software fees. we are slowly changing the UNIFUTY site to be the best place for users to learn about Blockchain and real use cases.


August 2018Concept & Research StageNovember – December 2018Concept stage with International Christian CollegePartnership with Metrolending CorporationJanuary 2019The First Boracay Blockchain Summit & 2019February – June 2019University Awareness Roadshow, 2019Cebu University of Technology, 2019University of Makati, 2019University of Cebu, 2019March-June 2019Speakers in Token2049, Ethereum SuperMeetup, Hongkong & March 2019Speakers at the Unchain Convention, Berlin & June 2019July – August 2019Initial engagement with Cebu University and Training for Traders on how to use Payment solutionsOctober 2019Speaker of Robotics and Automation Summit 2019Issued the First Blockchain Certificate at Several Universities in 2019Partnership with NEXTID 2019December 2019Speaker on Malta Blockchain Summmit 2019Initial involvement with the American University of Malta 2019Partnership with 2019 First Bullion Holdings, Hong KongPartnership with 2019 Data Bridge Solutions, South AfricaPartnership with GnZ Investment Group 2019, CambodiaPartnership with the 2019 Brotherhood, CambodiaJanuary – February 2020Application Development beginsInitial involvement with the Bulacan Regional GovernmentAwareness for Blockchain and Use cases with Government EventsGovernment Support in PlacePartnership with Oxford College, 2020 GibraltarPartnership with DASH Thailand 2020March 2020Release of Blockchain Certificate to University PartnersOpen for Traders.First Round Personal Investment.April-May 2020Public Sales will beginBeta Test – Blockchain ID and Student TrainingFirst Half General Sales.Cellular Application Development.June 2020Awareness- Philippine Blockchain Week Sustainability 2020Direct Wallet Test – EXPO Digital World Economy Program -Preparation for Application of cellular BETA10,000 wallet holders from the BETA Student ProgramJuly 2020Listing Changesmore cellular developmentThe next 50,000 Wallet holders from the Student BETA ProgramAugust – October 2020Introducing Staking Rewards to StudentsMore University PartnershipsThe next 100,000 Wallet holders from the Student BETA ProgramNovember 2020Virtual Classes StartFurther Development of DAPP – Blockchain storageEducational Events for Exhibitors – Universities in Paris and Educational Conferences

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ERC20 token designed to be a utility

ProExchangers is a platform where people can go to get their opinions and give their opinions on Crypto Exchanges.ProExchangers has designed a website where traders and investors can make honest reviews about crypto exchanges and provide their feedback on any exchanges where people can honestly make wise decisions about which exchanges are best to trade. Users can easily find honest opinions about website feedback regarding available exchanges. The fake volume issue displayed by some exchanges creates a big risk for users. This is misleading and can make users lose funds in trading. Bursa will solve problems related to baby projects with little or no volume. Therefore, make a difference between them through pages specifically dedicated to projects that are less than 18 months old.We believe this is the main missing component in the Crypto Currency space and we will give unbiased and old opinions to Crypto Investors and guide them as they navigate the Crypto Space.

Change rating based on reviews

ProExchangers will be the voice of end users and will protect their opinions, no reviews will be deleted and any reviews that are considered shill or spam will be moved to the spam folder.

Relationship between retail investors and players in the Crypto industry

ProExchangers review website, where people can write reviews about exchanges and find honest opinions from users. ProExchangers Review Token to finance the transparency of Crypto reviews.Transparency: Crypto currency space has long been a problem with transparency. The problem is due to lack of transparency in trading volume.Risks for Retail Investors: Many retail investors lose money by trading on the wrong exchange duo for many reasons. The nature of the Crypto currency industry means that retail investors must rely on exchanges, developers and coin ranking sites to make decisions.General information.
The ProExchangers website has the usual crypto look and feel. The only difference is that it has a star rating system.


ProExchangers Review Token is an ERC20 token designed to be a utility to support ProExchangers supporters. Exchange will be issued based on user activity or referral activity and gift community activities.Detail TokenPlatform: ERC20MAX supply: Not yet availableContract address: N / ALaunch date: N / A

Official Website:
Youtube:  https: //
Bounty: Allforwanlink;u=2653709


platform ProExchangers 

Crypto Democrats Review

Proexchangers are exceptional projects and it is very clear that they prioritize the security and transparency of this project. Their community is getting bigger and bigger. I recommend everyone to join and keep abreast of developments
Democratic and Transparent CryptoCryptocurrency exchanges actually don’t exist. It is unknown where Cryptocurrency exchanges are located,
according to user experience. There are many popular platforms where people can see exchanges based on their volume and trust scores, but there is no experience where end users are registered.
The user has lost crypto on a popular exchange, if they can access the end user and reviewing this loss will be prevented.However, volume creates problems for users who are looking for trusted exchanges to trade.
There are also other problems that Crypto Exchange is relatively new and projects are difficult to stand out in Crowd.
To overcome this problem, we have created the ProExchangers Crypto Exchange platform, together with this platform we have a Proexchanger Review Token, a Token designed to reward users who promote transparency in the Crypto space.Here Proexchangers proposes a website where people can review Crypto, Trade it honestly and provide useful feedback for people looking for Exchange to trade.As:

  • ProExchangers review website, where people can write reviews about exchanges and find honest opinions from users.
  • ProExchangers Review Token, to finance Crypto transparency reviews.

The nature of the Crypto currency industry means that retail investors must rely on exchanges, developers and coin ranking sites to make decisions.
This relationship looks like a relationship between retail investors and players in the Crypto industry.


  • Transparency:  Crypto currency space has long been a problem with transparency. The problem is due to lack of transparency in trading volume.
  • Risks for Retail Investors:  Many retail investors lose money by trading on the wrong exchanges for many reasons. The nature of the Crypto currency industry means that retail investors must rely on exchanges, developers, and coin ranking sites to make decisions.
  • Fake Volume:  There’s a fake volume issue and how it creates a trust issue, hopefully the popular coin rating platform tries to solve it by creating metrics.
  • Another problem is that the young crypto project does not have enough visibility and ProExchangers aims to resolve this problem by creating classes and pages dedicated only to projects that are less than 18 months old.

the features

  1. GENERAL FUNCTIONALITY  : The Pro Exchangers platform looks exactly like the usual crypto exchange ranking site and what makes it different is the Star ranking system on the right side of each listed exchange. Clicking early will direct you the user where reviews on all exchanges are listed. . To be able to provide your personal feedback or reviews, users must create an account and verify an email. After registering, users will be able to make their reviews on every exchange that is listed on the website.
  2. REVIEW SYSTEM  : In the Pro Exchangers platform, reviews are divided into three main categories which include: Positive reviews, neutral reviews and negative reviews. Users have the option to choose the type of review they want.
  3. REVIEW SCORING  : Positive reviews will score +1 while negative -1 while negative reviews have a score of 0.  Star ratings are assigned in the range of 1-5. Average scores are calculated to give a star rating. Pro Score is a numerical value that represents the authenticity and professionalism of an exchange and to calculate the Pro Score, the Amount of exchange rates is multiplied by the starting rank PS = SUM (R) * S.
  4. ANTI SPAM SYSTEM  : Some users will definitely abuse the system and to correct this Pro Exchange will run a very transparent platform and all measures to eliminate spam and fake reviews will be put in place to ensure sanity in the ranking system and offer reliable and reliable feedback for users.

From the diagram above we can see that retail investors do not have a central point where they can share opinions about exchanges and projects with other users. Retail investors do not have a primary way to get information from other users and convey information to other users.

  • Fake Volume:
    There are fake volume issues and how to
    create trust issues, hopefully the popular coin ranking platform tries to solve them by creating metrics.
  • Another problem is that the young crypto project does not have enough visibility and ProExchangers aims to resolve this problem by creating classes and pages dedicated only to projects that are less than 18 months old.


ProExchangers Review Token is an ERC20 token designed to be a utility to support ProExchangers supporters. Exchange will be issued based on user activity or referral activity and gift community activities.General information.
The ProExchangers website has the usual crypto look and feel. The only difference is that it has a star rating system.

Token Details .
Platform: ERC20 token
Taking MAX: TBD
Contract address: TBD
Launch Date: TBD Token Details.
Platform: ERC20 tokens
Supply MAX: TBD
Contract address: TBD
Launch Date: TBD


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Brand Token

very powerful loyalty tool

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What is Brand Token? A brand token is an account unit, which is created and recorded on the Blockchain. Brand tokens can be used as loyalty points issued by brands and sent to clients as gifts for needed needs such as purchases, social participation or new clients.  How is tokenization better than the usual loyalty program? Loyalty solutions are based on points, which cannot be transferred or exchanged. Points often expire or expand into uselessness and tell users the feeling of being cheated or used. Because of this, clients who reject offers on solutions are loyal based on the points and the brand itself.

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Other issues include the following: account inactivity – due to gifts being suspended, the user loses interest and involvement. This makes their loyalty accounts inactive. ● Low redemption rates – unclaimed rewards are recorded as liabilities on the company’s balance sheet. ● no transparency – clients have no insight into total supply points in circulation, etc. ● high transaction and system management costs – often high costs for creating and maintaining loyalty programs. ● incompatible systems – difficult to integrate two systems into one. ● high customer acquisition costs – businesses tend to spend more on customer acquisition. ● no liquidity – points cannot be in exchange for something other than a gift. Our solution Issues brand dedication tokens on the Etherchain Blockchain open. In contrast to the stoic focus, the token is successful and is moved between clients. Brands can give an imbalance to their customers, such as by focusing. Clients can reclaim tokens for approval, items, and administration. They can also exchange it for cryptographic money like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Brands can use their tokens to get new clients or strong customer gifts to buy, commit to online networks, support at events or share their own information. How can I finish my token? What can I get for them?Your token is a gift like cash, which means each token has a value, which you can spend as you wish. On the Brand Token platform you can also redeem for products, services, or bonuses of your choice. You can give it to someone else, exchange it for fiat currencies like USD or EUR, or cryptocurrency like ETH or BTC. How can I finish my token?  What can I get for them?
Your token is a gift like cash, which means that each token has a value, which you can spend as you wish. On the Brand Token platform you can also redeem for products, services, or bonuses of your choice. How to register using this link 

 You can register for the application beta test. How can my business benefit from tokenization?Tokens are powerful loyalty tools, which give your clients an instant reward that can be utilized in the right way. Incumbent loyalty solutions have a low level of involvement and redemption – the majority of clients don’t even know how many points they have. That’s because points cannot be transferred and they quickly expire, which discourages clients and they lose interest in products and loyalty solutions. With tokens they can easily exchange their prizes with others, and collect tokens from many different brands to get the rewards they want. Give them a feeling of satisfaction. The token, thanks to its transferability, also provides very useful data about your client. You can see where the client came from, who gave your token, 

In what ways can my business benefit from tokenization?
A token is an extraordinary service tool, which gives your customers a feeling of compensation when it can be used properly. Occupant dependency arrangements have a low level of commitment and reclamation – the dominant portion of customers do not have the foggiest idea of ​​how focused they have. This is on the grounds that points cannot be moved and they are quickly lost, which makes the customer’s morale go down and they lose enthusiasm for items and unwavering arrangements. With tokens they can without much trade their compensation for something different, and collect tokens from various brands to receive what they need consequently. Give them a sentiment of satisfaction. Tokens, because they can be transferred, also provide valuable information about your customers.
Regardless of the dominance of the framework of service awards, the current model is broken. Some clients can never recover their focus and those who might find the procedure blurred. Brand tokens are the mainstay gifts and trading stages which are driven by blockchain. We are designing progressive new use cases and other methods to build stability between brands and clients. With our help, brands can issue, monitor, and use blockchain-based service tokens to provide compensation and provide other, better, and perfect understanding for clients. Tokens can be effectively exchanged, changed, and evaluated continuously reducing the obligations that hang from the office service arrangements. Brands get minimal effort,
Do I need the Internet to use the token? Yes and no. If you are a brand and you integrate Brand Tokens with other systems such as messaging services or CRM, your token distribution will work automatically. If you are a user and you want to collect tokens, you will not be able to redeem them without the internet. How can I get more token using? The best way to use itTo collect more tokens, you can check how your favorite brands distribute tokens to their users in their subpages. Trading is another way to get more from tokens, but trading is associated with risk. You can make or lose money, so you can’t trade if you don’t know what you are doing.

Why BRND Tokens

One of the core values ​​that drives BRND is sharing prosperity with all stakeholders who have contributed to the growth of its ecosystem. Instead of having a small company that shares profits with only a few directors, we believe this type of network arrangement is better. Because we allow brands to make their own tokens on our platform, which are xB tokens, we offer them unique personal loyalty program opportunities. which is easy and cost-effective to run. In this way, we are changing the loyalty management market. We also encourage brands that become our partners to buy BRND tokens with special requirements. Every brand that has staked 1 million BRND for a minimum of 1 year will be rewarded with a free premium subscription for maintaining their bets.
Consumers who redeem points have higher purchase rates & stronger brand associations ● Higher involvement ● Higher retention ● Low damage ● Loyalty automation ● Low cost ● Automatic redemption


Most consumers prefer the option to redeem their points from time to time ● Liquid loyalty ● Transferable ● Prices ● Easy to evaporate ● Flexibility when to redeem ● Cash like Token Rewards

Market Loyalty Management

The loyalty system is designed to reward customers for their past purchases or other beneficial actions. It was also designed to give them incentives to make purchases in the future. By having a rewards program, the business allows activation, retention, top sales, and referrals, along with offering customer value to customers.

How brands can use their tokens

Build a successful brand token campaign by maintaining balance. Build a successful brand token campaign by maintaining a balance between supply and demand. Supply depends on the distribution model. Request depends on redemptive offer.


● Miles pointsFor every driving mile with car sharing application users will get Miles points. ● For reviews Users will get tokens to review drivers. ● Good Drivers Drivers can get tokens to receive good reviews. ● Reference Program Users get tokens to refer new clients.


● Select or Black Enhance your trip to Select with Miles points ● Discount codesClients can exchange their tokens for discount codes ● Priority Support Get priority status for your support ticket.


consumers say that loyalty programs are a meaningful part of their relationship with brands.


buyers claim they like companies that have some kind of reward program.


Loyalty program members are looking to engage with brands through new high-tech solutions such as augmented reality and digital loyalty programs. This digital trend is a good thing for retailers.
BRAND TOKENSYMBOL: BRNDTOTAL SUPPLY: BRNDDECIMAL: 18                                BLOCKCHAIN: Ethereum – ERC20TOKEN SALESOFT CAP: 250,000 USDHARDWARE: 1,000,000 USDCURRENCY ACCEPTED: BTC / ETH / FIATTOKEN DISTRIBUTION10%: For ICO20%: Round I of ICO40%: Round II of ICO15%: Marketing10%: Tim5%: Reserves & liquidityROAD MAP2020Q1 ● Brand tokens OU Company was established in Estonia as a software and technology company. ● A new website that allows Sign-Up for Brands and Users with the opportunity to subscribe to favorite brand tokens. ● PreICO is open to internal clients (limited edition only 100 million token). Q2 ● An election system for users to decide which Brands they welcome on the platform. ● ICO  400 million tokens in distribution. ● The first 1,000 Brands in the system. Q3 ● Application mock-ups ● Launch of loyalty programs according to tokens with BRND and xB for beta testers and early adopters.Q4 ● Open platform for every company, massive on-boarding. ● Marketing offering, brand growth and user base. ● Launching Marketing Automation Tools for Brands.2021Q1 ● Profiles supported by AI,new quality in Marketing Automation. ● Platform development. Q2 ● ICO Round 2. ● Market intensive marketing. Q4 ● BRND Token registered on the exchange platform. ● Buy back BRND token for the first time. Platform development.
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DIGIT – Gold mining solution on Blockchain

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preliminaryGold is the most flexible, everything is the same. Gold is an individual metal that alternates and sits on the same table, sometimes with silver and copper. The social case where gold can be found is usually named after a group of metal coins because individuals are usually accustomed to making money. Gold, to be honest, is one of the main metals known to man and has its roots in 3400 BC by the Egyptians.There are 3 common reasons for buying gold for investors: they use this actively as a hedge, a safe place or a direct investment. Let’s see how this reason can benefit you.Gold as a hedge. Hedging is an investment that offset losses in other asset classes. Some people buy gold to hedge against falling costs of certain currencies, especially the US dollar. Gold is the best hedge against falling stock markets, according to statistics in different historical periods. For example, the cost of gold increased from $ 347.20 to $ 833.75 per ounce between 2002 and 2007. At the same time, the price of the dollar fell 40% against the euro.Gold as a safe place. Safe haven is an instrument to protect investors from sudden disasters. And many people buy gold when they have to deal with a financial crisis. This is a rational decision: for example, the 2011 debt ceiling crisis resulted in a serious rise in gold prices. Starting from $ 869.75 in 2008 to $ 1895 in September 2011.Gold as a direct investment. In this way to buy gold let’s take advantage of future price increases. Investors hope to get profit as a result of various economic and political factors that can affect the increase in gold prices.What is Gdigit (GLDS)? Gdigit (GLDS) is a project that provides effective synergy of high digital technology with the real economic sector – with the extraction of gold and other precious metals.The difference between Project and Analog is that each GLDS token has an equivalent gold (equivalent to 0.02 grams of gold), which provides high stability and investment attractiveness.GLDS is based on existing businesses to develop gold ore and plazer deposits in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kalabatou Inter Gold LLP and Nursultan Gold LLP are part of the Global Capital Standards Corporation Limited. The area owned by our company is located in the eastern Kazakhstan region of the country. The company runs a truly legitimate business and has transparent accounting and reporting.Digital that reflects the results of production in the GLDS exchange rate. GLDS isthe world’s first cryptocurrency project that creates a very synergistic relationship between digital technology and the real economy, namely gold mining. In our project, blockchain technology is used to make gold mining more transparent and efficient. Gold, in turn, supports GLDS tokens with investment stability and attractiveness.Invest inGLDS Token GLDS is a multifunctional tool that can be used in various ways. The intrinsic value of GLDS tokens comes from gold parity. Each token owned by GLDS holders is worth 0.02 grams of gold. The nominal price of GLDS is $ 1, but as long as the ICO token is available for purchase at a discount. This effectively means that the initial users of our tokens buy gold at the best price available on the market. Blockchain technologylifetime in the digital world ● According to Coinmarketcap Rs 2300 cryptocurrency, currently the number of cryptocurrency in the world. ● 12000 pcs ASIC miners This is the number of ASIC miners working in the largest mining farm in Northeast China. ● 7 regions of LiberlandThe total territory of the Republic of Indonesia Free is 7 square kilometersLiberland, a self-proclaimed country that is a reserve currency in the form of bitcoin.● 100000+lines of codeWhat is the most famous cryptocurrency on the planet with how many lines of code.

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Onat the end of the closed ICO round of 2019, pre-sales were made in order to collect USD 1,000,000 (1,000,000 GLDS tokens on sale, accounting for a 50% bonus – 1,500,000 GLDS).First round of ICO1. The main ICO round starts on February 15, 2020 and will be divided into phases.2. The main ICO round will be completed on or before August 15, 2020, if all tokens are sold.3. In total, 12.5 million GLDS tokens will be prepared for sales.4. At the same time, this project offers customers a happy bonus system.5. This system actually gives investors more bonuses when buying.6. When selling the first 4,000,000 GLDS, the buyer will receive a 25% bonus (the bonus is paid by the project token in the user’s wallet.7. Bonus tokens will be frozen until 05/12/2020. Later 5,000,000 GLDS buyers will receive 20% Bonus will be received (bonuses are paid in the user’s wallet by the Project Token).8. Bonus Tokens will be frozen until 12/15/2020. When selling the remaining 1,500,000 GLDS, the buyer will receive a 10% bonus (Bo Vena is paid by the project token in the user’s wallet.Eastern Kazakhstan Region, Zharma District, 10 Kentarlau blocks, 4 Balyktykol blocks September 2019 – October 2019 Geological exploration The results of geological exploration work on terraces and gold placer valleys confirm placer gold reserves of 800 kg and more. October 2019 ● Start working in the field ● Experimental pilot production in the field has begun ● Long-term long-term plan for gold mining for 2020-2023 has been prepared ● Business plan for the project has been prepared ● Preparation phase for launch has begun.November 2019 ● Registration of LLP NURSULTAN GOID company. Choice of gold ore and placer gold deposits in the East Kazakhstan Region, Zharma district, Ushbiik settlement. 25 blocks ● Preparation of documents to obtain a gold exploration and mining permit has begun. December 2019 ● Holding Private Sales ● Successfully completing the Private-Sale project. 1,500,000 GLDS tokens sold (including a 50% bonus), total cost – 1,000,000 USDJanuary-February 2020 ● Launch of PR and marketing campaigns ● Implementation of marketing programs to attract the maximum number of participants to the project ● Run a gift program. ● Implementation of marketing activities on social networks, as well as in business and crypto media. February 2020 ● Company registration “GoDd Didital Standards Corporation Limited”, ● Hong Kong Incorporation into GoLd Digital Standards company ● Corporation Limited from Kalbatau Inter Gold LLP and NURSULTAN GOID LLP.February 2020 – August 2020 ● ICO ● Launch of the main round of the ICO project ● The main sales period is from 15 February 2020 to 15 August 2020. ● The specific address of the site will be announced additionally in project news on the website and on social networks. June 2020 ● 100% output ● Output 100% of the gold mining capacity on the deposit according to the production plan (expected number is 40,500 grams per month until November 2020). November 2020 ● Transition to winter operating mode. End of active production period, field conservation. November 2020 ● Token repurchase program Launches a token repurchase program at market prices. From $ 150,000 to $ 350,000 will be allocated every three months to repurchase tokens.December 2020 ● Payment of bonus project Aprilpril – May 2021 ● Preparing to start work ● Recommencement of gold mining on deposit Begin gold mining on second deposit. ● The mining plan is based on the introductory parameters of the project and the gold content of the placer deposit ● Active production will be conducted from May to October 2021 Our team is Nikolay Navtalyan Own. CEOEskendir ZaripovA geologistAlena NarinyaniCmoEdition of EkaterinaHead of SMMAskar NursultanovTEN “GOLD NURSULTAN” Yaroslav anishchenkoCTO. Development and BlockchainAinur NursultanovaCFO. EconomistAlexander VilganovAccounting Manager Kainemov TunerTALU «Kalbatau Inter Gold» Denis perepelitsynProfessional developerVitaliy pryahinEkonomAborot oborotnev Artists Developers Development and BlockchainAinur NursultanovaCFO. EconomistAlexander VilganovAccounting Manager Kainemov TunerTALU «Kalbatau Inter Gold» Denis perepelitsynProfessional developerVitaliy pryahinEkonomAborot oborotnev Artists Developers Development and BlockchainAinur NursultanovaCFO. EconomistAlexander VilganovAccounting Manager Kainemov TunerTALU «Kalbatau Inter Gold» Denis perepelitsynProfessional developerVitaliy pryahinEkonomAborot oborotnev Artists Developers


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DIGIT – Gold mining solution on Blockchain

How can we use gold in the modern world? There are various reasons to invest in this metal, especially today when you can choose the most convenient way to buy and store gold according to your needs. Let’s consider them.

3 important reasons for buying gold

There are 3 common reasons for buying gold for investors: they use this actively as a hedge, a safe place or a direct investment. Let’s see how this reason can benefit you.Gold as a hedge. Hedging is an investment that offset losses in other asset classes. Some people buy gold to hedge against falling costs of certain currencies, especially the US dollar. Gold is the best hedge against falling stock markets, according to statistics in different historical periods. For example, the cost of gold increased from $ 347.20 to $ 833.75 per ounce between 2002 and 2007. At the same time, the price of the dollar fell 40% against the euro.Gold as a safe place. Safe haven is an instrument to protect investors from sudden disasters. And many people buy gold when they have to deal with a financial crisis. This is a rational decision: for example, the 2011 debt ceiling crisis resulted in a serious rise in gold prices. Starting from $ 869.75 in 2008 to $ 1895 in September 2011.Gold as a direct investment. In this way to buy gold let’s take advantage of future price increases. Investors hope to get profit as a result of various economic and political factors that can affect the increase in gold prices.GLDS tokens are multifunctional instruments that can be used in various ways. The intrinsic value of GLDS tokens comes from gold parity. Each token owned by GLDS holders is worth 0.02 grams of gold. The nominal price of GLDS is 1 dollar, but as long as the ICO token is available for purchase at a discount. This effectively means that the initial users of our tokens buy gold at the best price available on the market.GLDS also relies on current jobs, gold shops and top-class placers in the Republic of Kazakhstan. This organization leads a fully legal business with direct accounting and details. Mining studies and further preparation of precious metals have been granted many licenses made by the administrative and control groups of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

GLDS Project: a new possibility with tokens supported by gold

Thanks to the development of new technology, people can buy gold in various forms. Today we can buy digital currencies supported by gold. Such products are offered by the GLDS project.The GLDS Token revealed the Gold Digit Standard. This project offers a blockchain solution for investing in this metal and storing it.GLDS tokens are multifunctional instruments that can be used in various ways. Each GLDS token is supported by 0.02 grams of gold. At present the price for 1 gram of Gold is around 50 dollars. So, the nominal price of 1 token is 1 dollar, but GLDS can be purchased at a discount during ICO. The first part of the token will be sold with a bonus of 25%.Because the supply of gold on Earth is limited, the price of this metal can only grow. Starting in November 2020, the company will begin to buy back tokens at market prices every 3 months. This will help stimulate an increase in coin prices.The total supply of tokens is 15,000,000. 14,000,000 GLDS tokens are available to investors. GLDS tokens will be listed on different cryptocurrency exchanges simultaneously. Thanks to that, tokens can be bought, sold or traded for other cryptocurrency, cashed into paper money or gold.

What is the problem?
It’s no secret that gold is one of the best efforts at this time. GLDS will reveal this reason to various buyers who use blockchain innovations and create their own crypto currencies. GLDS customers can buy precious metals at the highest cost and full trust in the integrity and security of all exchanges within the framework.

Project Summary:

The main purpose of our business is to make gold more attractive and beneficial for many people. We accept the use of cryptographic forms to give money critically.To achieve the goals we set out ahead, we made our own decentralized digital currency as a component of the GLDS business: it relies on very mechanical ideas to achieve high liquidity for business tokens. Every coin issued by our company is supported by 0.02 grams of gold by integrating two speculative instruments that seem separate from the world: gold and digital forms of money. Every member of the GLDS initiative has the opportunity to make a very innovative start, but is guaranteed automatic income, whatever brings life. WebsiteOur teamNikolay NavtalyanFounding father. CEOEskendir ZaripovGeologistAlena NarinyaniHowThe discovery of EkaterinaHead of SMMAskar NursultanovTOO “GOLD NURSULTAN”Yaroslav anishchenkoCTO. Development and BlockchainAinur NursultanovaCFO. EkonomAlexander VilganovAccounting ManagerAsetem KainemovTOO «Kalbatau Inter Gold»Denis perepelitsynSenior DeveloperVitaliy pryahinEconomistArtem oborotnevThe developer

Project official resources:

 WHITEPAPER: WhitePaperGdigitRu.pdf
 REDDIT:  https: //www.reddit. com / user / Gdigit
 VKONTAKTE: AllforwanLink:;u=2653709


Goldario is gold mining, the first emerald in the world.

About the Goldario Project.

Goldario is the first platform in the world to strive to revolutionize the ecological cycle of the mining of precious metals (gold), stones (emeralds), jewelry manufacturing and retail businesses. This financial instrument is a digital part in gold and emerald mines and in-house jewelry production for the world market.

Goldario is a consequence of successful businesses with established infrastructure in Brazil. To expand operations throughout the world, we have drawn up concrete plans and ambitious roadmaps, which we hope to achieve with global investor collaboration. The basic business introduction is summarized as follows.

Goldario aims to harness the power of innovative blockchain technology and will replace the entire environmental cycle: directly from ore mining to finished retail products, and the steps in between. By using blockchain, cryptography, and smart contracts, he seeks to increase trust between the parties to the transaction by allowing transactions to be carried out on transparent ledgers. In addition, by integrating advanced technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Geo Location Tracking, Blockchain, and Smart Contracts, Goldario offers financial instruments that have no analogues to date in the traditional financial world.
Our VisionWe envision to revolutionize the entire eco-style of the jewelry industry by utilizing emerging technologies namely blockchain, cryptography, smart contracts, AI and Fintech. We aim to create an ecosystem where we make it easy for individuals – both ordinary consumers or institutional investors – to invest in businesses that are supported by a complete ecosystem of precious metals, stone factories and jewelery & retail businesses, while also maintaining security, audit capabilities and liquidity .Our missionGoldario aims to be the world’s leading choice platform for consumers and businesses engaged in the jewelry industry. It aims to enable users to obtain and own physical mining rights, jewelery manufacturers, and jewelry retail businesses from around the world, and thus, create assets that underlie potential support for Goldario Tokens (GLD).


●   Scalability
GLD tokens are able to handle any number of transaction volumes – at any time – without having a chance of the network going down or showing signs of being slow. Unlike centralized application and payment financial structures, there is no single point of failure and all transaction activities are open and transparent for the whole community.
●   Decentralization
GLD tokens are decentralized and belong to the community. Done on Ethereum Network, ensuring there is no central point of failure or bureaucratic manipulation.
●   Security
For digital and network assets, GLD Token uses Ethereum-based work consensus evidence to confirm transactions, ensuring that no hackers or malicious actors can manipulate any transactions.
●   Minimum Cost
GLD Tokens will offer a much lower fee than other major online payment systems that allow users to send, receive or conduct any GLD Tokens for a minimum fee
●   Interchangeable
GLD Tokens can be easily exchanged with fiat such as USD, EURO and Pound. Apart from that, it can also be redeemed with other commodities such as Gems and Jewelry through the Goldario Platform.
●   Passive Income
Get access to passive income by buying and holding a GLD Token. After a certain amount of time, the income that is captured from business activities is distributed among token holders that are proportional to their ownership.
●   Utilities
Unlike traditional cryptocurrency whose value depends on speculation and supply and market demand, GLD Tokens have a direct utility in the Goldario ecosystem where they can be exchanged for metals and precious stones.
●   Easy Transaction
Exchange and transfer of GLD Tokens is as easy as sending an email. All you need is to download the existing ERC20 Token support wallet.
●   TransparencyThe transparent, irreversible nature of the blockchain provides open access to information at all times, thus, ensuring a completely transparent process, accurate data records, and equal requirements for everyone.
Liquidity and AccessibilityBy exchanging trusted digital assets, Goldario gives users the opportunity to easily liquidate, access and exchange valuable commodities, namely metals and precious stones through GLD Tokens, which can be exchanged in crypto trade exchanges and can also be used for peer-to-peer value exchanges . Built as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, GLD tokens can be easily moved or traded anywhere in the world, 24/7.Lower Investment LimitUnlike traditional startups or early stage companies, where the entry of someone with low investment is almost impossible, Goldario through commodity tokenisation and its business model offers a lower investment minimum.Trusted and RegulatedGoldario is regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) and its parent company ESC Management US is a public company in Estonia.Underlying Business PotentialGoldario deals with potential businesses that have an estimated market valuation of more than 480 billion USD in the next 5 years. In this way, the original token, GLD Token, will capture revenue from the underlying business activities, helping to record value growthData transparencyTraceability and transparency are very important in the various steps involved in the precious metal supply chain. US ESC Management tracks the progress of the companies they invest in.Passive incomeGet periodic dividends for holding your assets through smart, reliable contracts that have been predetermined. All income and profit distributions are monitored and audited by third party evaluators and auditors, ensuring that token holders get the best return on their investment.Token AllocationSold through Block Processor 5%Bonus allocation at BP 15%20% Sales Conversions10% sales discount50% Bounty RepresentativeFund Distribution Plan60% direct investmentMarketing and Bounce 30%4% operation3% platform developmentTeam Development 2%Founding Team 1%


Goldario have existing infrastructure in Brazil under the name G44 SA  (CNPJ: 28.83984 million / 0001-61)  and where he had the Emerald Mines (  G44 Mineracao  (CNPJ: 31,975,883 / 0001-89)  Cutting Stones  Gem  and polishing factory , Jewelry Manufacturing Factory, jewelry Retail Business  VERT VIVANT  (CNPJ: 34,461,941 / 0001-44)  and HJOMAA E G44 Mineração  (CNPJ: 30,033,381 / 0001-76)  shares in gold mines with many reserves.  Inoex. Exchnage  (Crypto Trading / Crypto Exchange)  (CNPJ: 31,548,911 / 0001–81)To develop the necessary infrastructure and expand our operations throughout the world, we have drawn up concrete plans and ambitious road maps, which are given below.


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